How to uplift your complexion

Turn your dull-looking skin into a beautiful glow…

Lack of sun exposure, poor diet, limited sleep and life in the city – to only name a few – can really take a toll on your complexion. Sometimes changing your lifestyle isn’t good enough and what you need is some powerfully brightening and energising skincare to revive your lacklustre skin.

Rethink your cleanser and cleansing habits

Always thoroughly remove all impurities from the day and makeup to avoid grim lingering on your face. Opt for a creamy formula that will be gentle and compensate any loss of moisture you may be experiencing. Our Lait VIP O2 cleansing milk offers a complete solution to achieve a dewy skin; not only it hydrates, protects you against pollution but also oxygenates the skin leaving it looking fresher.

Get rid of dead skin cells

One of the biggest culprits is the lack of exfoliation. The dead cell build-up can easily create that grayish tone we dislike so much. The skin cannot renew properly and the newer cells, which look brighter, cannot be seen underneath it all. So, make sure you use an exfoliator such as our Lotion P50 to remove the unnecessary layers that tarnish your complexion.

Give your fatigued skin a boost

When going through stressful and sleepless periods, your skin cannot repairitself properly and needs a little helping hand. The best way to disguise a tired-looking skin is to use our Sérum Oligo-Protéines Marines, which will stimulate your skin cells to restore your skin’s brightness and radiance. Its awakening algae-based formulation unifies the complexion andeven reduces dark circles.

Quench your skin’s thirst

Without moisture, your skin looks sad. Make sure you get your bouncy skin back thanks to a hydrating serum such as our Sérum Colostrum and pair it with our revitalising Crème Hydravit’S moisturiser. Your skin will be much more luminous and will reflect the light better!

Control your hormone imbalances

When hormones go out of whack, skin can get oilier and pores increase –which can then lead to clogged pores and lack of skin clarity. Excess oils definitely make your skin shiny but also less glowy. Use our Biomagic Mask to purify your congested skin or our Complexe Iribiol to keep oil production under control. For a global regenerating and rejuvenating action, opt for the Crème MSR-H, a face cream specifically designed to correct the signs of menopause in the skin.

Stock up in antioxidant-skincare

Polluted air contains tiny particles that create free radicals on the skin, which has various negative effects on the way your skin looks. Minimise potential damage from pollution’s free radicals with our antioxidant-packed Fluide VIP O2. In addition of acting like a shield against external aggressors, it also boosts your complexion by reducing the signs of tiredness and brightening your dark circles.

Always wear SPF – even when the sun is not visible

Even though you may not feel it, the UV rays never stop damaging your skin. No matter which season we are in, make sure you protect your skin. Leaving it exposed could lead to premature ageing and overstimulation of pigment production, which would show as dark spots on your skin and give you an uneven tone. For an all-around protection, choose our Protection U.V. for its 25 SPF.

Get glowing skin with our Biologique Recherche products…

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  • Can I be sent samples of these products as I would love to try them to see how effective it is as my current products are coming to an end. Good time to swap

    • Natalie Kingsley-Fieldgrass says:

      Hi Evelyn,

      Thank you for your email.

      I’m afraid we do not offer samples for trialling products. Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

      The BRUK Team

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