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As the seasons change, so does our skin and what we look for in our skincare regime. In the summer months, we need products with a lighter texture to keep our skin calm in the warmer weather.

In the cooler months, we can repair the damage that those nasty UV rays have caused to our skin and repair it. Let’s explore some of our key Biologique Recherche products for this Autumn – and why we love them for this coming season. 

Reveal your glow

Skin can appear dull come the autumn, as we have to protect it in the summer and therefore we can’t exfoliate quite as much. Now is the perfect time to treat our skin to exfoliators and peels and reveal a radiant complexion. 

Sérum 3R

The perfect product for the change of seasons is the Sérum 3R. It is a combination of 12 powerful active ingredients which renews, regenerates and repairs the skin. Add a few sprays to a cotton pad before your cream to rejuvenate devitalised skin instants®. As well as exfoliating the skin, it is rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients to regenerate and repair the skin.

Sérum PIGM 400

Pigmentation can appear darker over the summer, and frustratingly we can’t treat it until the weather cools down. We have a range of pigmentation products containing ingredients to brighten the skin and regulate melanin synthesis – all of which work hard on dark spots and prevent further pigmentation from occurring.

Of course, it (almost!) goes without saying that our Lotion P50 range is specially formulated to gently exfoliate the skin, regulate excessive sebum secretion, moisturise and help maintain the epidermis’ acid pH. Personalise your choice of lotion according to your Skin Instant®. The Lotion P50W is suitable for normal skin, the Lotion P50 PIGM400 for pigmented skin, Lotion P50V for mature or extremely devitalised skin, and the Lotion P50 for thick, keratinised skin.

Hydrate, nourish and protect    

You would think that during the wet and cold winter, the air would be damper than in the summer. In fact, the opposite is true! The air is less humid in the colder months, this – teamed with harsh heating inside – mean that we really need to focus on hydrating our skin.

Our skin contains approximately 70% water in the dermis (lower layer) and 16% in the epidermis (outermost layer).

Hydration therefore plays a major role within our skin: it protects the skin whilst giving it elasticity and suppleness. Generally, over the course of a day, the skin loses 800 to 1,000ml of water! This evaporation can exacerbated by numerous internal and external factors.

In addition to this, our skin has a hydrolipidic film, a barrier that protects it and retains moisture. We should aim to nourish our skin with lipids to help maintain this barrier and retain this moisture.

To do this, there are two key products that we recommend:

Sérum Colostrum

A hydrating serum: this will capture and diffuse water, leaving the skin moisturised, regulated and protected from harsh external factors. Our strongest hydrating serum is the Sérum Colostrum – it is an intensive SOS treatment for dehydrated Skin Instants® and is perfect for Autumn.

Crème VG Derm

A nourishing cream: A nourishing cream will help seal in the hydration from that lovely serum. Crème VG Derm nourishes the lipid barrier and moisturises the outer layers of even the driest skin. It has a rich, creamy texture perfect to comfort and protect dehydrated and undernourished Skin Instants©

We hope you enjoy reacquainting yourself with your Autumn cashmere and are looking forward to getting to grips with the change in season, and your new skincare needs.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit one of our clinics.

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