Autumn Skincare: Brighten, Nourish & Hydrate

You may have noticed that the days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping, and the leaves are falling. This can only mean one thing; Autumn has officially arrived.

Now is the time to repair, hydrate and nourish the skin after a summer filled with sunshine. In this article we will provide you with some key Biologique Recherche products to hydrate, renew and brighten your skin this Autumn after the negative effects of UV rays.

Step 1: Cleanse and brighten your skin
First, we need to start with a refreshing and reviving cleanser. Lait VIP 02 is the ultimate cleanser to brighten and oxygenate the skin. The sun can dull our skin and during season change we may notice our skin starts to look less vibrant and loses its vitality. This cleanser will breathe life back into your skin and leave it radiant.

Ideal for Stressed, Devitalised Skin Instants®.

Lait VIP 02 is an oxygenating cleansing milk that gently removes makeup and impurities, whilst unifying the complexion and protecting the skin against external aggressions, such as harsh climates and pollution.

It includes the Specific BR Oxygenating Complex® containing perfluorodecalin, a compound known to enhance oxygen delivery, which stimulates cell exchanges, thus increasing the results of our active ingredients. This allows the skin tissues to breathe and leaves it protected from the environment surrounding it.

Using a face mask twice a week can significantly improve the condition of your skin. After the Summer, it is best to use a purifying and brightening face mask to remove dull and dead skin cells and leave behind a vibrant and brighter skin. Masque VIP O2 is a hydrating, refreshing and oxygenating anti-pollution mask that will breathe life back into your skin.

Ideal for Stressed and traumatised Skin Instants®.

Dull and devitalised Skin Instants®.

Instantly hydrating the skin with Marine Elastin, Masque VIP O2 is the ultimate oxygenating mask. Containing White Clay to purify, the Specific BR oxygenating complex® to brighten, Essential Fatty Acids of Omega 3 & 6 to nourish and Cucumber extract to calm, we recommend using this face mask twice weekly for optimal results.

Whilst cell regeneration and revitalisation are its main attributes, Masque VIP O2 will also tone your skin and remove dark circles under the eye area.

Step 4: Use an intensive hydrating serum

During the Summer period, there is more humidity in the air which means more hydration. As the seasons change, and the months get colder, there is less humidity. This teamed with artificial heating inside our homes, or places of work, can cause our skin to become severely dehydrated. It is during this time that we really need to focus on hydrating our skin. The quickest solution for this would be to use an intensive hydration serum.  Serums are composed of very small molecules that penetrate the skin deeper and more effectively than a face cream. Serum Colostrum is our strongest level of hydration serum and is an intensive SOS treatment for Dehydrated, Alipidic Skin Instants®.

Very Dehydrated, Alipidic and Devitalised and/or Mature Skin Instants®.

Serum Colostrum prevents drying and repairs the skin when it is feeling extremely dry and devitalised. With extracts of colostrum, your skin will feel be left feeling replenished and plumped. Serum Colostrum is ideal to use after having been exposed to the sun or experiencing harsh elements as this will instantly restore the skin’s natural softness and vitality.

Step 5: Target pigmentation spots

The sun, as you know, can have negative effects on the skin, one of these common negative effects is pigmentation. As the sun leaves us with great tans, it too can leave behind brown spots. The best way to treat these is by using a brightening skincare regime alongside a targeted anti-pigmentation serum such as the Serum PIGM 400. This targeted serum is dual action and contains both brightening and protective ingredients.

Pigmented and dull Skin Instants®.

Serum PIGM 400 is specially formulated with six concentrated active ingredients to prevent dark spots from appearing and reduces the appearance of existing dark spots. This brightening, spot-correcting serum will fight free radicals and offer photoprotection to defend the skin against sunlight and help to slow down skin ageing.

Containing Watercress Sprout Wakame Seaweed and Plum Pulp extracts, Serum PIGM 400 illuminates the complexion, leaving the skin visibly brighter and more uniform. This active formula can be used all over the face to provide an overall brightness or targeted if you have particular areas needing pigmentation care.

Step 6: Prevent and reduce pigmentation spots

Once the pigmentations spots have formed, they can start to become more apparent as tanned skin fades. Using a face cream that reduces the intensity of brown spots and brightens the complexion will leave it more uniform. Crème PIGM 400 will do exactly that.

Pigmented and dull Skin Instants®.

Crème PIGM 400 works to limit cell ageing, immediately brighten the skin and reduce the intensity of existing pigmentary spots. It reduces skin irregularities by unifying the complexion and even prevents the appearance of new pigmentation spots forming. Whitening agents of Young Cress Shoots, Plump Pulp extract and Soybeans are used to act on the Melanogenesis process at all levels, starting from the creation of the pigment right up to their surface migration. Crème PIGM 400 also contains a number of active substances with antioxidant properties to limit protein and lipid oxidation as well as active ingredients that stimulate lipofuscin breakdown.

Step 8: Lock in the Ingredients

Using a Finishing Serum is important to stabilise and lock in all of the products applied prior to it during the treatment stage. This particular Finishing Serum is incredibly regenerating and brightening and will provide the finishing touch to an anti-pigmentation skincare regime by giving it that extra brightening and oxygenating boost. It will also protect the skin from free radicals and pollution.

All Skin Instants®.

Particularly good for seborrheic and acne-prone Skin Instants®.

The Fluide VIP O2 is specifically formulated to oxygenate the skin, containing our BR Specific Oxygenating Complex®; it stimulates the epidermal functions within the skin. This is done by increasing the concentration of oxygen on the surface of the skin which then hydrates, regenerates, and soothes the skin. Fluide VIP O2 has some of our largest concentrations of anti-ageing components and combats signs of dullness to leave the skin is instantly clearer and more radiant.

If you have noticed that your hands are starting to feel the effects of sun exposure, you can now provide your hands with the same luxurious and targeted treatment.

Your Brightening & Anti-ageing Hand Treatment

As our hands are constantly on show and exposed to the elements daily, we sometimes forget that these too need attention and care to maintain their hydration and appearance. Using a hand treatment will not only provide appropriate hydration but will also give the hands a more youthful appearance. Follow these steps to create your very own luxury hand treatment:

  1. Cleanse the hands with Lait VIP 02
  2. Exfoliate the hands with your usual Lotion P50 and layer with Lotion P50 PIGM 400
  3. Apply Masque VIP O2 and remove after 15 minutes
  4. Apply Serum Colostrum and massage in until completely absorbed
  5. Apply Serum PIGM 400 to the targeted areas of pigmentation
  6. Apply the following hand cream:

Emulsion Mains PIGM 400

As the skin is naturally drier on the hands, and are constantly exposed to UV rays, dark spots can appear faster and more prominently on the hands. Emulsion Mains PIGM 400 works to restore the hydrolipidic barrier by providing proper hydration to the epidermis, leaving the skin instantly smoother. Containing a high concentration of active ingredients, Emulsion Mains PIGM 400 also targets existing pigmentation spots and helps to prevent further spots from forming. Your hands will be left looking youthful, brighter, and more uniform.

We hope that within this article we have provided a skincare regime to help you reduce and prevent pigmentation and unveil a brighter and more vibrant skin this Autumn.

The BR– UK Team

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