The Crème B-STRIA is our firming and exfoliating cream that enhances dermal components and stimulates skin repair to fade existing white stretch marks. B for “Blanche” (white) relates to the white colour of established scar tissue stretch marks; indeed, they first appear red then fade to white over time. When dermal fibres become rigid around the lesion, the established white stretch mark forms a small depression in the surface of the skin. The dermis loses 50% of its thickness, collagen bundles are atrophied and fibroblasts are no longer active. The synergetic alliance of two endogenous biomimetic peptides in Crème B-STRIA formula makes it possible to reorganise the dermal fibres and therefore dermal thickness, by naturally stimulating the synthesis of collagen (+102%), fibronectin (+164%) and hyaluronic acid (+179%) in the skin.  At the same time, the presence of salicylic acid exfoliates and stimulates keratinocyte regeneration and the repairing action of onopordum acanthium extract accelerates the epidermal renewal process. This repairing and toning cream refines the skin’s texture and improve its microrelief to reduce the appearance of existing white stretch marks. For increased results, you can help penetrate the cream and stimulate the skin cells with our Massage Glove, included in the Coffret B-STRIA.

Also affected by red stretch marks? Discover our Crème R-STRIA.


  • Accelerates the epidermal renewal process.
  • Tones and firms the epidermis.
  • Stimulates blood circulation.
  • Refines the skin’s texture.
  • Stimulates dermal reconstruction.
  • Re-sculpts the body.
  • Helps reduce the appearance of white stretch marks.


Apply Crème B-Stria in the morning and evening to the areas to be treated using ascending motions. For greater effectiveness, use your massage glove. Optimal duration of treatment: 2 months. Purchase our Coffret B-stria, the perfect duo including crème and glove.   This treatment can be combined with the use of Crème Réparatrice. If your stretch marks only appeared recently and/or are still red, please utilise Crème R-Stria.


  • Dermal reconstruction agents: Biomimetic bi-peptide.
  • Synthesis of dermal fibres agents: Biotechnological peptide form hepatocyte growth factor.
  • Repairing and toning agents: Biomimetic bi-peptide.
  • Epidermal renewal agents: Salicylic acid and onopordum acanthium extract.


White stretch mark Skin Instants®.