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As the gyms get busier and busier and the healthy eating is kicking in again in preparation for the summer, we would like to introduce our new New Anti-Cellulite and Adipose Fat Oil, Lipogen AC.

To support this exciting launch, we have held an interview with Kamilla Schaffner, Clinical Nutritionist, who specialises in difficult weight loss, to talk about fat reduction utilising nutrition.

Weight loss and nutrition

What is the difference between what you do and what’s out there?
“Weight loss is a subject that means many things to many people and I happen to cover most of them clinically. Mostly, people come to seek my expertise when dealing with decades of stubborn and steady weight gain for a plethora of reasons: hormonal dysbalance, genetics, reproductive issues like PCOS, polymorphisms, endometriosis, digestive dysfunction, and the list goes on. What I do is give my patients individual plans of action nutritionally speaking and also a good dose of honest and straightforward disclosure on their health status, something that I think is not done a lot amongst my peer group these days. I believe that not calling things their real names is a true disservice to your clients and I believe that is why I have a steady flow of patients from all over the globe. I do not leave any grey areas without shedding progressive light on them: if there is a psychological issue around weight gain, then I refer patients to top specialists equipped to work on these issues. If there is a case of deciding on a surgical intervention, again I am there to assist them in seeing a very diverse spectrum of options assuring that they are nutritionally supported every step of the way. I am not known for writing recipe e-books or photocopying pre-written generic advice. My nutritional services are tailor-made, individual, expensive and effective, because one can only go so far on a green juice or smoothie bowls.”

What is the value of a varied and healthy diet as part of a weight loss plan?
“Although one would expect me to say this, but a varied, personalised and healthy dietary approach to nutrition is absolutely everything to one’s successful weight loss. Weight loss is a multi-tiered concept. Losing weight as a process typically erases a healthy perspective on what life after shedding unwanted weight may look like. Precisely this sets a lot of people up for a massive disappointment and ultimately discouragement. Weight loss as a successful effort must have a number of elements that have to be accepted no matter what: it has to take some time simply for the sake of your skin tissue being expanded and then shrunk to a smaller volume. It must always entail big lifestyle changes, it encompasses a very painful climb up to meet your true self a lot of people actively try to avoid. Then it takes a great deal of courage to reap the glory of success at the final phase to consolidate your result so that secondary weight gain does not creep up on you. More than anything, it is a very emotional process for most. If anyone believes that this emotional exercise can be achieved without a tailor-made, progressive clinical nutritional plan to support all of these stages in person’s life then they are really not being honest with themselves. A healthy diet, simply put, is a fuel to all life-changing aspirations. One cannot possibly get rid of all chronic ailments, lose weight, re-emerge as a new fresh persona one have always wanted to be if you eat deep fried chicken and wash it down with Diet Coke most nights. It takes unbelievable amount of personal effort and a holding hand of a qualified nutritionist to see a person through all phases of this personal metamorphosis.”

 What tips would you give to a person wanting to shed a few pounds?
“The honest answer would be enjoy quick results but be prepared to do it all over again. One of the fundamental pillars of anyone’s successful weight loss is to make the process a sustainable effort. If you know that what you are doing is ‘crashing’, ‘cleansing’ or ‘mega-burning’ for 14-21 days, then you must expect that once everything is done the lost weight will creep back on, if you are lucky without an over compensatory weight gain. I do not have crash-diet protocols in my clinical methodologies, if someone wants to approach a quick weight loss (be ready to lose a lot of water and a bit of muscle) then expect it to come back knocking on your door.”

What typical diet would you recommend to a person looking to lose a stone or more?
“Firstly, as a practitioner, you need to manage their expectations and by that I mean you might be the only one in their life giving them realistic timelines for their transformation. I hope I don’t re-discover the wheel here, but months of cold, lonely, fairly sudden reverse in eating patterns are something that must be supported constantly and consistently if you want your patient not only seeing themselves thin and healthy but thriving physically and emotionally. So the bottom line is: be patient, be consistent, no constant ‘treats’, no ‘I will go on a diet tomorrow’ rather do a little bit every day, lots of clean simple unsophisticated foods presented in the nicest of ways, lots of water, lots of sleep and a ton of targeted highly specific cosmetic products such as Lipogen AC to ensure your physiological transition is a very strategic and indulgent experience.”

Weight loss and skin care

What is the importance of including body skin care products in a slimming programme?
“Body skin care products and body care routine are immense factors in all slimming regimes. Strangely, people always link it to extended expression of vanity, but guess what, vanity is immensely important and vanity pulls people through at the most difficult and darkest of weight loss points. ‘Treat’ yourself with targeted key products, not another piece of chocolate cake or a glass of your late night usual. Vanity or rather a healthy desire to look and feel your best is the utmost important antidote to patients’ typical decades-long embedded behavioural codes that are otherwise very difficult to overwrite. Overwrite your urge to binge on box of biscuits with a mineral salt bath and an amazing slimming, tissue oxygenating or fat-stimulating cream or treatment. Perhaps there will be no instant ‘right here, right now’ gratification but effects of certain products are very deep penetrating not only on dermal levels but also the way they make you feel on a subliminal/ subconscious level which is way more important than any quick emotional stimulation any candy bar can give.

We have come a long way and some products on the market can really transform one’s skin and tissue in a short period of time in the most profound way. Weight loss is all about moving and shifting: wastes, toxins, fat deposits, dermal debris, moving lymph, clearing blood, and encouraging blood flow. Diet alone can be sometimes limited in this respect, you need serious ammunition to be able to achieve the result that you want and beyond. Just a sheer application of a slimming product already gives you an opportunity to move your lymph, and hence to an extent, your blood and get wastes and toxins out of their deposits to allow for more fresh blood and oxygen to take their respective places. Lastly, ingredients in certain products have very potent effects very similar to foods that encourage metabolic stimulation: some serums or creams can really stimulate fat deposits in the most stubborn of places by reducing water, directing lymph and blood, pumping in nutrients like caffeine, iodine, mineral sodium, oxygen into tissues to encourage cleansing, toning and fat burning phases of one’s successful weight loss.”

Introducing Lipogen AC
Anti-Cellulite Oil

Combining the effects of both Complexe Anti-A and Complexe Anti-C, Biologique Recherche has developed a new formula to get rid of localised excess fat and cellulite, and visibly improve the “orange peel” effect, Lipogen AC.

The composition of this multi-purpose oil for the body, rich in lipolytic and draining active ingredients, helps boost lipolysis and thermogenesis while facilitating the activation of micro-circulation and the disposal of waste. In turn, the reduction in the number of adipose and aqueous cells contributes to alleviating fibrous cellulite. After use, the figure is redefined and the skin regains its firmness and smooth appearance.


  • Stimulates and improves microcirculation
  • Tones and firms
  • Reduces fat storage
  • Visibly improves the appearance of cellulite
  • Diminish fibrous cellulite pain

Other Biologique Recherche body care products

Combines both chemical and mechanical exfoliation to tone, revitalise and unify the skin.
Ideal before a slimming cure.

With smoothing and exfoliating ingredients to invigorate and reduce adipocyte volume.
Ideal for all Skin Instants® with confined areas of accumulated fat.

This body contouring cream also comes with a multi-action silicone glove that is very easy to manipulate around the contours of the body, in order to enhance at home results.

Contains slimming and detoxifying agents for lasting regenerating and firming effects.
Ideal for Skin Instants® with localised very stubborn adipose fat or damaged skin.

This body cream also comes as a coffret with the Massage Glove.

Our Biologique Recherche body treatments

Enjoy our body treatments at Beauty M in Fulham or Clapham, London.

Exfoliates and restores a healthy glow.
Includes: Gommage P50 Corps.

Improves firmness and re-sculpts the figure.
Includes: Anti-C Slimming Programme and BR Drainage Treatment.

Purifies the skin whilst incorporating an energising massage to tone and firm the figure.
Includes Gel d’Algues Detoxifying Treatment and Auto-Heating Algae Slimming and Detox Treatment.

Breaks down fat, eliminates excess water and boosts the effectiveness of slimming active ingredients.
Ideal to prepare slimming action and boost the performance of subsequently used creams.

Contact us to find out which body product and treatment would be the most suitable for you.

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