Get smooth skin this summer

Here in the UK, we get in a flutter when the weather gets warmer. We peel off our layers of clothing, tentatively step out in our sandals, and wish that we’d given our collection of body care as much attention as our facial care.

The skin on our body is thicker than that on our face and has fewer sebaceous glands so can become drier (apart from the upper back which can become oily, but more on that later!). Let’s give it some extra TLC to achieve a radiant glow.

The Biologique Recherche range of body products is just as innovative as the facial skincare. Thanks to the broad spectrum of active ingredients, they make a difference from the very first application. Let us take you through your summer body routine.

Step one: exfoliate  

The cornerstone product for the Biologique Recherche face care routine is the Lotion P50, often referred to as a ‘facial in a bottle’ by beauty editors worldwide.

It is no different for the body care range – the indispensable Lotion P50 Corps is the first step to a smooth body. The Lotion P50 Corps is packed full of acid exfoliants and moisturising agents to purify, balance and protect your skin.

Unlike the Lotion P50 for the face, which has four variations, there is one Lotion P50 Corps which is suitable for all Skin Instants®.

It comes in a spray bottle, so it is easy apply; concentrate on the areas of the skin that are particularly thick and tough, like your knees and elbows.

For those of us that prefer a manual exfoliant, the body scrub in the range – Gommage P50 Corps – is an alternative option. The Gommage P50 Corps contains cockleshell as well as chemical exfoliants, so it will both chemically and mechanically exfoliate the skin to double the benefits and stimulate cell renewal.

Whichever exfoliant you choose, the P50 range of body products will leave your skin even and radiant, with the added benefit of improving the effects of the products applied after it.

We recommend that you use these products when you won’t be exposed to direct sunlight. 

Step two: address body breakouts (specifically for Seborrheic, unbalanced Skin Instants®)

There are some areas of the body that do get oily, including the top of the back which can be prone to breakouts – commonly referred to as ‘bacne’.

You can skip straight to step three if this doesn’t apply to you, but for those of us that do suffer from this, the Masque Bain de Plantes is a plant-based rebalancing mask whose ingredients regulate the sebaceous glands, tightens pores and gently purifies the skin. It also includes clay so detoxifies the skin.

Spread a generous amount over the areas of concern (this is not exclusively for the body, it can also be used on the face) and leave it to work for 15-20 minutes whilst you relax and get ready for the next part of your Summer skin routine!

Step three: hydrate

Now that we have sloughed away those dead skin cells and given our bodies a glow, let’s protect our skin with a lovely hydrating layer to finish off the routine.

Biologique Recherche body creams are formulated with the same meticulous innovation as the face care range, so your body will be delighted to enjoy the same TLC!

The hydration that you choose depends on your personal preference of formulation, so let’s take you through both a light and a creamy option.

A light spray:

Our skin is the biggest organ in our body and is subject to external stresses throughout the day.The protective and oxygenating cream that is part of the Biologique Recherche body range is the Emulsion Corps VIP O₂

This intelligent cream provides a shield against external aggressors by strengthening the surface of the skin and stimulating the growth of micro-organisms living on the skin’s surface which guard against harmful bacteria.

Meanwhile, the oxygenating ingredients fight against free radicals and boost the repair of skin cell DNA, helping to combat premature skin ageing.

These properties, alongside the light spray-on texture, makes it your perfect handbag companion for this warmer weather.

A thicker cream:

If you really need a burst of hydration and enjoy a thicker cream, the Emulsion Originelle Régénérante Corps has a thick reconditioning effect that will cocoon your body in a buttery layer, and deliver a generous burst of hydration. 

It contains a burst of brazil nut oil to relipidate, hyaluronic acid and colostrum to moisturise, and vitamins E and F to protect and restore the skin!

We hope you enjoy your Biologique Recherche body products as much as those you use for your face – they are extremely powerful, and it is so rewarding to give our bodies some love!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or visit one of our clinics.

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