The Ultimate Bride-to-be Skincare Guide

In the final instalment of the Biologique Recherche Bride-to-be Skincare Guide, Head of UK Training Amie Biller advises us on the best skincare regime for the crucial week leading up to your Big Day!


One week to go…

With one week to go until the Big Day, this has to now be a controlled, stress-free zone. Stressed skin is like the jealous bridesmaid that is ready to be your understudy at the drop of a hat… sensitive and likely to act out!

Sleep is very important – ensure you are clocking those eight hours of beauty sleep. Your skin is working hard while you catch up on your ZZZs to replenish, repair and regenerate cells.

Although you don’t want to over stimulate your skin, the Micro-Puncture Lab Treatment will be perfect for one last hurrah of 58 active ingredients of essential vitamins to intensely hydrate, tone, smooth and plump. Perfect for skin in the spotlight!

Experience a break out in your last week of freedom? Don’t panic! You can use Complexe Iribiol as an effective morning and evening spot treatment.


The night before…

Try and have a nice, calm evening staying away from any alcohol and make sure you go to bed at a decent hour to get your last bridal beauty sleep. Ensure your bedtime skin care regime is performed with care…no popping pimples or coming out of your pre-wedding routine!

Thoroughly cleanse the skin using your milk to ensure well hydrated, clean skin that will show in your complexion the following day. Team this with your compatible P50 Lotion.

Just before tucking yourself in, finish with a vitamin-packed serum cocktail of Amniotique E, Dermopore, Elastine Pure and Fluide VIP O2. This will provide you with the glowing effects of beauty rest…even if you are too excited to actually sleep!

The Big Day!

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration! The day has arrived and your hard work will show in your picture-ready skin. Ensure you use Biomagic Mask for your red carpet moment; this is the pièces de résistance to get your skin glowing.


Apply Sérum Yall O₂ before your makeup; it will work as a fantastic primer as well as plumping the skin and keeping hydration levels at their best throughout your day.

Your skin care regime should be completed 30 minutes prior to your makeup application to ensure it sits on the skin nicely. Et voilà!

When your complexion is glowing through all of the close ups, hugs and kisses from friends and family, and even a few wedding crashers … you will be relieved you gave your skin the time and attention it craves…I KNOW I was!

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