The Positive Body Image

With everyone these days an ‘expert’ on nutrition, there has been a plethora of diet fads that seem to ignore the fundamentals of healthiness and the importance of balance.

Everything in moderation’ is what my father taught me as a child, and it remains my number 1 rule, along with an understanding that if I indulge in several thousand calories one day I must then be active enough to burn them off. He taught me exercise is an important part of life, not the digits on the scales, nor is skinny a measure of beauty.

Since when did having a ‘healthy appetite’ and enjoying food become a negative thing? When did picking and scrutinising food become the norm above enjoying healthy, substantial meals?

It’s great that many people are trying to make dietary improvements with gluten-free, carb-free, sugar-free diets, but this way is not necessarily superior and definitely does not suit everyone.

On the flip side of this we have reports of obesity and ill health due to poor diets appearing across all media channels, highlighting that we have lost sight of something very important. We are left with a real confusion and a poor understanding about what is healthy and what is not.

It worries me that we’re getting it horribly wrong, developing an unhealthily extreme approach to food and our bodies.  We focus on quick fixes and believe ‘skinniness’ equals happiness. What has happened to healthiness? Exercising for that sense of wellness (sporty people will know what I mean), eating what fuels our bodies? Enjoying food that builds muscle, strong bones, and feeds our brains?

The best advice I have heard was very simple – ‘don’t count calories, count nutrients’. Crash diets don’t work! They leave you feeling foggy, tired, and grumpy, playing havoc with hormones and not to mention the skin’s complexion.

Looking after your body is a real step towards smooth, nourished, more toned skin. This is where our Biologique Recherche Body products come in – focusing on skin health.

The BR body essentials

Lotion P50 Corps – use this liquid exfoliator twice a week, it has an easy spray-on applicator, and it tingles leaving the skin soft.

Follow with Emulsion Originelle Regenerante Corps a basic replenishing daily moisturiser that restores balance and suppleness.

Alternatively you can apply Crème Amincissante Oxygenante MC110one of my favourites; it is an active peppermint cream that has a cooling stimulating effect, boosting circulation.

Creme Amincissante Oxygenante MC 110

I would like to see healthier happier people; people making better food choices that work for their lifestyle and body type, and not letting their self-esteem or identity get whittled down to just a body part.

Skin nutrition

To help give the best advice on this, I asked Jenny Adams, Nutritional Therapist DipION FdSc mBANT CNHC for her expert opinion on the top 5 ‘beautifying’ natural food groups with optimum health benefits. These vital Vitamins protect against oxidative stress and inflammation and can be found in the following foods.

Vitamin C– Peppers, Green tea, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, lemon & limes  (any antioxidants to protect against free radical and inflammation)

Vitamin E – Hazelnuts and almonds  

Vitamin A– Broccoli, spinach and mainly any green, leafy vegetables. These provide cell regeneration and strength also helps to reduce sebum production

Cell protection and strength – try Salmon, Flaxseed for essential fatty acids and Omega 3, 6 and 9

Hydration is Key! – As we all know, water is vital

Wound healing and tissue regeneration – Avocados and pomegranates

Collagen and elasticity production – Adzuki or black beans. In fact, all beans are super for magnesium levels which are essential. They are also fantastic for relaxation of muscles, energy, to balance insulin levels and blood sugars and for weight loss

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