The Parisian secret to fabulous skin…

Walking the streets of Paris there is an effortless beauty, a timeless chic that could only have been taught through the generations. There is an obsession with good skin care and it shows!

Ageing gracefully the French way is not a secret; in fact a monthly maintenance facial is part of their culture with a facelift not being an option. Instead, investing in facials and expertly prescribed home care products have been understood from a young age. Prevention is certainly better than squeezing in your appointment just as you notice your first wrinkle or that unwanted breakout that always makes its debut just in time for your long awaited date with Mr. Darcy.

Biologique Recherche is the ultimate French skin care brand understanding the frustrations our skin goes through on a daily basis and offering solutions to our skin instants. After all, why shouldn’t we expect jaw-dropping results from our products and treatments – specialist skincare should leave onlookers noticing a certain je ne sais quoi! So how do your Biologique Recherche products achieve such results? Through a meticulous regime of customised treatments and homecare that is tailored to you, applied using methodology studied and proven to work.

Lift CVS will vibrate and pinch those muscles to restructure shape and give you the tightening feeling and appearance of a non-surgical facelift.

HC Facial

When your skin is having a complete tantrum right before your very eyes Sérum Colostrum Pur is your ‘Mary Poppins’ to restore balance. This intensely hydrating serum uses Colostrum milk proteins to comfort, plump and repair.

Within your therapist’s box of tricks will also be the ‘pièce de resistance’, the Masque Vivant. This masque leaves your skin glowing back at you with instant results and helps your skin remain a no-go zone for blemishes.

Premature ageing is something we all worry over and to keep this enemy at bay, along with its not so popular sidekick ‘wrinkles’, we must turn to the reliable heroine MC 110. This facial is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to re-plump and redefine your overall skin’s appearance.

Working to help defend the skin in the ageing battle is Masque Visolastine E., this masque helps to brighten and turn back the clock with the use of Essential Fatty Acids and White Clays.

The power within Sérum Oligo-Protéines Marines awakens the most tired, devitalised skin with the use of concentrated Marine energy. With this product you can bid ‘Au Revoir’ to under eye dark circles – it will leave your skin looking like you have just had a long weekend in the south of France relaxing in a beautiful Chateau…

Embrace your natural beauty by taking inspiration from the Parisian way and keep your skin in style with a structured skincare regime!

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