The Power and Importance of Cleansing

Whilst we increasingly use skincare products on our skin, we seem to be leaving out or doing a rush job of the most basic and essential step of our beauty routine: cleansing. But a quick swipe of a face wipe or splashing your face with water in the shower won’t cut it.

Taking the time to remove your makeup and thoroughly wash your face will ensure that you see visible improvements day after day, cleanse after cleanse.

Read on to discover why cleansers are the cornerstone of every great skin care regime, no matter what your Skin Instant® is.


Why cleansing your skin is so important

Consider what your skin is exposed to throughout the day. From makeup and sweat to particles in the environment, your skin inevitably faces many external aggressors. Daily facial cleansing removes every last trace of dirt, excess oil, pollution and unwanted skin cells off of your face.

Cleansing is the first step of all skincare routines and is beneficial in a number of ways. If not cleansed properly, dirt and pollution accumulate at the surface of your skin and could potentially contribute to breakouts, dehydration and ageing.

  • Maintain a clear skin

To help protect itself from environmental damage, the skin produces sebum. While sebum is beneficial to your skin, if it stays on the skin too long without being cleansed off, or if there is excessive oil on the surface, it can mix with any residing build-up leftover on your skin. This may cause enlarged pores and create a blockage of skin follicles, trapping sebum and allowing bacteria to penetrate the skin, which leads to inflammation, acne, and a blotchy and lacklustre complexion.

  • Boost hydration

Regular facial cleansing is also an important factor in helping the skin maintain a proper level of moisture. Dehydrated skin looks and feels rough, wrinkled and aged. Cleansing helps manage pH levels of the skin; enabling sufficient water and product retention, for proper skin hydration.

  • Stay young-looking

Every day, your skin is ageing. Pollution and environmental toxins can accelerate the ageing process, and the very simple process of cleansing your skin is an excellent way to get rid of all unwanted particles and to stimulate the internal processes, which fight ageing, including wrinkles, lack of tone, pigmentation and dullness.

  • Increase product’s effectiveness

Without cleansing, your skin would be covered with a thick layer of dirt and grime which can render it difficult for the active ingredients applied over to penetrate the skin properly and thus function. Clearing out your pores will prepare your skin for the absorption of other skincare products and will therefore make it more receptive to treatments to follow such as exfoliators, masks, serums and moisturisers, for maximum effectiveness.


We recommend that our customers cleanse their face twice daily, morning and evening.

In the evening

Washing your skin every evening is so much more than just a way to remove post-work makeup. Even if you don’t wear makeup, it’s very important to wash your face with a cleanser. An evening cleanse is not only incredibly important to allow for the skin to repair itself from the ravages of the day but also to improve your overall skin health.

Certain physiological changes in the skin occur overnight and surface impurities would prevent the skin from regenerating, since the skin requires the oxygen found in a clean face to do so properly. Going to sleep without cleansing would deprive the skin of this vital nutrient and generate free radicals.

Skin temperature rises overnight which causes the skin to lose a significant portion of water and if you don’t cleanse your skin, you can’t apply a moisturiser which will help hydrate your skin whilst you sleep. An evening cleanse would allow skincare products to penetrate and work their magic whilst you sleep.

In the morning

Cleansing your face of all the impurities in the morning is also beneficial due to the natural recovering and exfoliating process that occurs whilst your sleep. Indeed, cleansing your face when you wake helps to remove any toxins, dead skin cells and excess oils the skin may secrete overnight. Balancing the skin and providing a fresh surface for the start of the day allows for better penetration of skincare products and provides the skin with the full benefits.

Cleansing your face also allows you to achieve a smoother skin that is essential for makeup application.


How to cleanse your face

  • Always check the directions on your cleanser

Add the recommended dosage, typically a pea-sized amount, of your cleansing milk into your hands. Apply on forehead, cheeks and chin. Then massage the cleanser into your skin in circular motions with your clean fingers. Try leaving your cleanser on for a couple of minutes before removing it to gain all the benefits from its active ingredients and give your skin a deeper clean. You can also massage your cleanser in with Biologique Recherche’s face glove for additional benefits. Rinse thoroughly with tepid or cold water. Gently pat your face dry using a clean, soft disposable cotton or muslin. Follow your cleanse with your required treatment products which meet your specific skin needs.

  • Don’t switch from hot to cold

The temperature of the water matters too. Hot water doesn’t open pores and cold water won’t close them either. In fact, hot water can strip your skin of essential oils and switching water temperatures will only put skin into shock, so it’s best to rinse with water that is lukewarm or even cold to respect your skin and the integrity of the active ingredients of the skincare products used. Plus, colder water has a soothing and firming effect!

  • Double cleanse

A quick “wash and go” might seem like the only option at the end of a long day, but if you wear a full face of heavy make-up or are exposed to city air daily, double cleansing is the best way to ensure your skin is free from foundation and pollution particles.

The first cleanse will remove makeup and debris that act as a barrier. Your second round of cleansing will work down deep to really reach into pores to remove any surface grime that the first round may have left behind. By cleansing twice, you’re ensuring that both the first layer of sebum, makeup, skincare, sunscreen and deeper layers of pore bacteria, which can all aggravate acne, are removed.

Once you’ve rinsed your cleanser away, go in for a second round with your favourite cleansing milk. Alternatively, you can use the Eau Micellaire Biosensible alongside your cleansing milk to either pre-cleanse or remove the leftover impurities on the skin as a second cleanse.

  • But don’t overwash…

We need to beware of over-cleansing as doing so can strip the skin of its natural oils and protective barrier and thus lead to dryness, sensitivity and irritation, which makes skin problems like acne much worse. It’s therefore important not to rub the skin too harshly and not to overdo it!

While your skin needs to be cleansed twice a day – morning and evening – a double cleanse isn’t always necessary – especially when you wake up in the morning. Your need to double cleanse really does depend on your lifestyle. You may want to only double cleanse at night for instance.


How to choose the right cleanser for your skin

Although it may be tempting to get that squeaky-clean feel when things like harsh soaps are used. These can disturb the barrier function of the skin, disrupting the acid mantle, stripping away your skin’s good oils and triggering the skin to increase oil production.

The skin doesn’t have the time to repair itself to these adverse irritating and unbalancing reactions between cleansing. It is thus of the most importance to find a cleanser that suits your skin.

All Biologique Recherche cleansers have a milky texture and a balanced pH to help maintain your skin’s natural balance. Discover the cleansing range here so you can easily choose a cleanser that’s a good match for your skin type and start to build a healthy skincare regime for clearer, brighter and more youthful looking skin.

Lait U

  • Suitable for sensitive to normal and/or oily skin
  • Gentle vegetal formulation
  • Contains Hazelnut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Extract
  • Removes excess oil without causing any dehydration

Lait E.V.

  • Suitable for devitalised, dehydrated and/or dry skin
  • Vitamin-enriched formulation
  • Contains Vitamin E & F, Cellular Oligopeptides
  • Prevents cutaneous dehydration, comforts and revitalises

Lait VIP O2

  • Suitable for dull, lack-lustre skin
  • Brightening and vivifying formulation
  • Contains BR Oxygenating Complex
  • Unifies the complexion and protects against external aggressions


For the eyes

For the removal of eye makeup, especially waterproof mascara, there are particular products specifically formulated for the eye area. Most facial cleansers are not designed to properly break down and remove waterproof eye makeup, and the skin around the eye area is especially thin and delicate. So be sure to use a separate makeup remover that has been tested ophthalmologically and is extra gentle yet strong enough to remove all traces of eye makeup.

The Solution Démaquillante pour les Yeux eliminates impurities and makeup (even the waterproof kind) gently and thoroughly thanks to its multi-phase formula combining micellar fluid for its high tolerance and an oily phase for its efficiency.


In a nutshell

Whilst skipping the cleansing step and heading straight to bed may be appealing, cleansing your face twice daily will benefit the health, youth, and radiance of your skin.

Indeed, regular cleansing should not be neglected since it is one of the most effective ways to achieve a clearer and brighter complexion whilst leaving your skin feeling softer and smoother.

If there’s one skincare practice you should absolutely make a habit out of, it’s religiously cleansing your face!


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