The Haute Couture Experience

Once quoted as the “Hermes of Skincare”, Biologique Recherche is proud to launch the new “Mini Haute Couture”, which has newly arrived in the UK.

Biologique Recherche has been renowned for over 35 years as being at the pinnacle of the Skincare Industry. As the connoisseur of skin and for being devoted to its protection and nutrition, Dr Allouche’s approach of the skin being alive and constantly changing, lead him to the conviction behind in-depth diagnostic of the skin being central and quintessential to BR’s ethos.HC Facial

Recent research has shown that 71% of women in the UK change their skincare products or try something new each month. We Believe that this is down to 2 reasons: the 1st being that the skin does change according to weather, hormones and general health; and the 2nd being that most skincare brands don’t recognise this fact.

The skin is a sandweech of water and lipids, and it must be protected!

Dr Philippe Allouche, Head of Creation Innovation and Research at Biologique Recherche.

Biologique Recherche have created a range of over 100 Face Care Products, and developed the company’s own “Skin Lab Machine”, used during the Skin Analysis Process. This piece of mastery accurately provides measured readings of the skin’s level of Hydration, Elasticity, Lipid, Pigmentation and Sebum.

Biologique Recherche separates itself from the norm by having a “Mixologist” attitude towards its products and clients. There are no set products for a certain skin issue or skin type. We look at the skin and see the “#Skin Instant”, a snapshot of your skin at this particular time and treating it in its current state. With our therapists mixing cocktails of serums and blending our creams, to make unique and bespoke concoctions for the individual client.

Building on this approach, the new “#MiniHaute-Couture” is “The Ultimate Mixology Experience”.

Taking it a step further (as if we haven’t already done that!), the service starts with a one-to-one appointment with our Paris-based BR Doctor (Dermatologist), who will fly over to London to conduct the Skin Analysis. The Doctor will analyse your skin, and send the reading back to the BR Laboratories on the Champs Elysees in Paris, where the finest hand-picked ingredients will be used to create a meticulously tailored cream and serum, absolutely unique to your skin and its needs.


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