The Biologique Recherche Bespoke Body Experience

The Biologique Recherche methodology is made up of extremely technical, specific movements used to apply products for ground-breaking, visible results. These techniques have been honed for over 35 years and focus on rejuvenating and reviving the skin.

But what is the Biologique Recherche bespoke body experience?

Amie Biller, our Head of UK Training, explains the movements and takes us back to when she was put through her paces on the rigorous Biologique Recherche Intensive Body Training Course with Paris Trainer Louisa Page;

‘The Biologique Recherche techniques specifically focus on certain body areas, assuring outstanding results. They are extremely technical, making them quite difficult to master, but once you do, the results are INCREDIBLE!’

Abdonminal Massage

The Biologique Recherche Abdominal Massage

‘Before administering to specific issues, the Biologique Recherche body treatment approach always tends to the health and wellbeing of the body first and foremost. It is vital to ensure the body is balanced, calm and experiencing an overall feeling of wellbeing before any treatment commences, which was a very new and exciting concept for me! I have never experienced a brand with this level of care involved in their approach; it makes complete sense as to why the treatments are so beneficial.’

Body treatments begin with an abdominal massage. This massage has incredible benefits to the body as a whole, promoting the rapid removal of toxins and waste products and utilising Huile Sous Ombilicale oil for its holistic, soothing effects on the digestive system. The Biologique Recherche Effleurage technique is used, consisting of deep kneading movements and firmly following the path of the intestinal transit with continuous slow, gentle pumping actions.

Jacquet Leroy Technique Body

The Jacquet Leroy ‘pinching massage’

Once the body is relaxed, balanced and in a state of zen, the treatment can begin. One important technique is the Jacquet Leroy ‘pinching massage’, combining products that aid in micro-circulation, tonifiction and increased moisture. The specific strokes will soften connective tissues that have become fibrous, encouraging their drainage into the lymphatic system. The movement is firm and quick, targeting specific concerns.

‘You will notice your Biologique Recherche therapist holding their hand in a particular position throughout the treatment – this ensures the technique is performed correctly and firmly for maximum effect. During my training, I was instructed on this position as a vital element to the success of the treatment; it is not a natural hand movement so requires a lot of strength in the hands and lower arms!’

Want to know more about our Biologique Recherche treatment techniques? Ask us, we are happy to help!

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