Target common body skin concerns

Once the warmer weather arrives, we get our sunhat and sunglasses at the ready, and enjoy being able to wear our swimwear over the balmy summer break.

We all have areas of our bodies that we find ourselves particularly conscious of, and just as we would with a facial skin concern – like rosacea or pigmentation – we need to target areas of concern topically, with specific ingredients and formulations.

At Biologique Recherche, we pride ourselves on targeting the most complex of skin concerns for the face, and it’s the same for the body. So, let’s work through some of the most common body skin concerns.  

Target cellulite

One of the most common body skin concerns is cellulite – confined areas of accumulated fat that look like orange peel and just won’t budge. The product we recommend is Lipogen AC.

Lipogen AC

Lipogen AC is a multi-purpose skincare oil designed to treat areas with localised excess fat and visibly improve the “orange peel” effect, all thanks to its draining active ingredients. It redefines the figure and smooths the skin, helping it to regain its firmness – goodbye cellulite!

Reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Another common concern is stretch marks. They might appear after a period where the body has changed shape, like pregnancy.

Biologique Recherche has two creams for stretch marks: one for red, newly formed stretch marks (Crème R-STRIA), and one for existing white stretch marks (Crème B-STRIA).

Stretch marks occur because the skin emits signals to white blood cells when under tension, which causes the release of molecules which damage the skin and cause an inflammatory reaction – that’s what gives fresh stretch marks their purplish-red colour.

The Crème R-STRIA is formulated to decrease inflammation and reconstruct the dermal fibres. R stands for “Rouge” (red) because newly formed stretch marks are fresh, inflammatory and red in appearance, and then they fade to white over time.


The Crème B-STRIA is for existing stretch marks. B for “Blanche” (white) relates to the colour of the stretch marks.


Stretch marks change colour from red to white because fibres in the skin become rigid and form a depression in the skin. The skin loses some of its thickness, which means that the skin becomes inactive. The Crème B-STRIA stimulates the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid to thicken it. What’s more, the skin is exfoliated thanks to an injection of salicylic acid.  

Apply your chosen cream morning and evening for around two months to the see the best results.

Rejuvenate mature skin  

As skin matures, we have less protective collagen in the skin, and it can become thinner and more fragile. In this instance, we want to rejuvenate the skin on our bodies (giving mother nature a helping hand).  

Crème MSR-H Corps

The Crème MSR-H Corps is a unique and innovative cream formulated specifically for pre-menopausal or menopausal women to nourish and regenerate the different layers of skin, helping to give us our glow back. This cream can be massaged onto the skin both morning and evening.

We hope that we have tackled some of your common body skin concerns. As always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit one of our clinics.

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