Biologique Recherche Presents The Spring Collection

To pander to your skin during this wonderful Season,
we present our Spring Collection!

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says “Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”
― Lewis Carroll

As nature protects itself during the winter, so do we with our bodies. We wear thicker, warmer clothes; we consume warm and comforting foods and drinks; we enjoy cosying indoors as we watch the snow fall outside.

As Sspring rears its welcome winds, and we begin to see the first blooms, we feel that the world is renewing, and gently relieve ourselves of all these layers and comforts we no longer need or desire.

Just like our beautiful seasons, our skin experiences the same sentiments. The epidermis no longer needs such rich nourishment and protection, and craves release, light, oxygenation and a more gentle approach.

Lait VIP O₂

Lait VIP02

No.1: A wonderful oxygenating cleansing milk. Thin and refreshing, unifying and hydrating, our N0.1 absolute MUST for the Spring.

MAVIV & MAVIPMasque VIP02Masque Vivant

No.2: A combination of these two amazing masques will really kick start the shedding of your winter skin! The Oxygenating and Unifying properties of the Masque VIP02, combined with the Renewing, Purifying and Revitalising properties of the Masque Vivant; will leave your complexion fresh and ready to sink in some much missed Vitamin D.

Serum Extraits Tissulaires

Serum Extraits Tissulaires

No.3: The lightest of our Hydration Serums. With the weather no longer harsh, and no longer drying out your skin, you can move to a less hydrating serum, to keep your skin in-line and balanced with the seasons. Luminising and light, this serum is the absolute perfect choice for a Spring Hydration.

Serum Placenta

Serum Placenta

No.4: The Repairing Serum. During the harsh winter months, various Skin Instants react differently. Some Skin Instants produce more sebum to help protect the epidermis, causing congestion, acne and other sebum related unwanted effects. Some Skin Instants do the opposite and dry out completely, due to the cold outside and the dry central heating inside.  Spring would be a great time to balance and renew your skin. This is exactly what this serum does! Balancing, healing, repairing and brightening.

Serum 3R 30ml

Serum 3R

No.5: Rejuvenating, Repairing and Renewing. The MOST Anti-Ageing serum in our range. For those of us who are more mature, this serum is a real game changer! Exfoliating, Stimulating, Firming and Calming; this powerful targeted serum actually repairs your D.N.A and rewinds your skin back to the time before the winter came.

Image 271

Gel A.D.N Silkgen

No.6: Intensely hydrating, yet extremely light in texture. This Silk derived Gel formulation is also a fantastic anti-ageing product. Re-Tensing and providing instant Radiance, this is a great Spring option for both men and women.

Creme-Echinoderm au Complexe Bio Marin

Crème Echinoderm au Complexe Bio Marin

No.7: This amazing cream has a long name, but it also has a long list of benefits! After the winter, due to the stress, skin can become blotchy and unbalanced. This is an amazing cream to rebalance devitalized and uneven complexions. For a lighter effect, you can also mix this with the Gel A.D.N Silkgen for a lighter consistency and for a more anti-ageing approach.

Fluide VIP02

Fluide VIP02

No.9: The Finishing Touch! Intensely Oxygenating, Revitalising, Regenerating, Soothing, Protecting and Anti-Ageing; this Finishing Serum is truly the ultimate finishing detail. Our Finishing Serums contain the most complex formulations of all!

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