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We are very excited to have partnered with the amazing Clinical Nutritionist Kamilla Schaffner ND CNM, to provide insightful and vital information on skin nutrition, and how we can improve our bodies on the outside, as well as on the inside.

What we eat and what we do, reflects not only on the inside of our bodies, but also on the outside, and especially on the skin, the skin being the largest organ we have. The Biologique Recherche ethos focuses on what we can topically apply to the epidermis, concentrating on specific Skin Instants®, and Kamilla Schaffner’s attention is on specific ingredients one can consume according to their needs. Having this two-pronged approach will surely provide us with the answers we’ve all been looking for!

Each month, we will be sharing our recommendations on attaining specific goals, marrying up our Skin Instants® specific products with Kamilla’s tailored nutritional programmes, so that we may all attain the skin we’ve all longed for.


About Kamilla Schaffner

Biologique Recherche and Kamilla Schaffner on skin nutrition.Kamilla Schaffner ND CNM is a clinical nutritionist based in Mayfair, London specialising in tailor-made nutritional programmes designed exclusively for private and corporate patients, consulting over 300 patients in the UK, Europe, Far and Middle East since 2012. With a degree in Biomedicine and Clinical Nutrition, she currently covers clinical areas with specific nutritional programmes such as:

– anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation nutrition

– weight-loss and fat reduction

– stress and anxiety

– pregnancy and lactation

– pre and post-surgery nutrition

– digestive disorders

She is a regular contributor to Grazia magazine, Glamour magazine, Natural Health magazine, Women’s Fitness magazine, Now magazine, New magazine, Yahoo Beauty.

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This month, to celebrate the start of summer and to know how to look after our skin properly, we will be combining our know-how to effectively Prepare, Protect and Repair our skin during these lovely summer months.

Visit our blog next week to find out more…

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