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We hope that you learned a lot with our solar preparation and protection blog posts these past weeks. Clinical nutritionist Kamilla Schaffner is back with us to help you soothe your skin after sun exposure. After being exposed to sun, the skin feels dry and tight. It is important to repair sun damages, combat free radicals with antioxidants, reduce inflammation and burning sensation as well as recondition and hydrate the epidermis in order to avoid desquamation (peeling) and keep your glowing tan longer.

1. Repair sun damages

Kamilla Schaffner’s Method:

We have all been there: we stayed out in the sun a bit too long and now our tanning session resulted in skin reddening (erythema). Not to worry because a lot can be done nutritionally to reduce symptoms of skin inflammation. The most important aspect of nutrition whenever there is a structural damage to the skin is to include the highest quality protein foods that are easily digested for quicker assimilation. We all need protein as it is a building block to all cells within our body and without it in adequate quality and amounts our skin starts to age much quicker. The best easily absorbed source of protein comes in form of whey. Whey protein is very popular not only among gym bunnies but is also extensively used in reparative and reconstructive clinical functions like post-surgical rehabilitation. The best sources of whey if you do not fancy powdered stuff comes in yoghurt or cottage cheese: incorporating them is extremely easy as they can take on any flavour you wish to give them.

Biologique Recherche’s Method:

Although perspiration regulates the temperature of the skin, the sun heats the skin which tightens and starts drying out after exposure to sun. The most intense form of this reaction is solar erythema (sunburn) which is a superficial burning of the skin due to overexposure to sun.  It is mostly ultraviolet (UVB) rays that are responsible. They actually cause changes at DNA level in skin cells: blood vessels dilate which leads to an inflammatory reaction; the skin reddens, swells, and is painful. The affected cells then go into apoptosis, i.e., they start rapidly dying and are eliminated by desquamation. The burned skin is then more sensitive to the sun. It is therefore necessary to soothe the skin after prolonged exposure to sun in order to reduce redness and hyperpigmentation.

Réparation U.V. contains Rhamnose-rich polysaccharides, Kudzu extract and Complex of amino acids, which all reduce inflammation, calm the tingling sensation and soothe the skin.

2. Rehydrate the skin

Kamilla Schaffner’s Method:

Once you are on your way to repair the cellular structure of the skin, you cannot forget about cellular hydration: it is not about endlessly gulping water although it is certainly a great idea especially after prolonged sun exposure. As cell membrane is a phosphoro-lipid barrier it needs Essential Fats to keep it supple and pliable: Omega-3 (oily fish, flax seeds, chia seeds) and tocopherols from Vitamin E (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cocoa nibs) do exactly that. Moreover, natural tocopherol compounds in Vitamin E prolong the tan by keeping your dermal lipid levels high whilst simultaneously boosting your antioxidants levels.

Typical meals for dermal reconstruction and recovery:

  • Breakfast: Cottage cheese with 1 table spoon of grated almonds and 1 tea spoon of rose water.
  • Lunch: Greek yoghurt with grated fresh cucumber and chia seeds.
  • Snacks: Whipped yoghurt with 1 table spoons of hazel nut butter and a tea spoon of cocoa nibs.
  • Supper: Smoked salmon, crème fresh, fresh dill on courgette carpaccio.

Biologique Recherche’s Method:

Réparation U.V. promotes water take-up by the stratum corneum by binding to keratin and limits water loss by increasing the synthesis of lipids thanks to sugar derivatives and Pichia Anomala extract.

3. Prolong your tan

Kamilla Schaffner’s Method:

Finally, once you are steady on the way to recover your burned skin you want to make sure that your tan last longer and that means strategic cellular support and hydration. As mentioned previously, drinking water is vital but what is also important is to maintain certain amount of healthy fats in your system. Include the following meals throughout your days to keep Essential Fats levels high for boosting your dermal elasticity that will assist in retention of the beautiful tan:

  • Breakfast: Coconut yogurt with matcha green tea powder.
  • Lunch: Coriander guacamole with carrot sticks.
  • Supper: Pico de Gallo in Nori sheets
  • Drinks to include: Matcha green tea latte with a splash of almond or hazelnut milk, white tea with fresh orange slices, and aloe vera juice with goji berries.

Biologique Recherche’s Method:

Réparation U.V. normalises desquamation and smooths microrelief. It also contains antioxidants boost synthesis, transport, secretion and maturation of epidermal lipids and protect them. White Tea extract will also help the skin regain its radiance, freshness and vitality.

Solar trio reparation

The Answer:

Kamilla Schaffner’s Nutritional Solution:

Typical ingredients for sun reparation:

  • Nuts: Brazil nuts, walnuts.
  • Drinks: Fresh tomato juice, fresh grapefruit juice, green tea, lemon infused water, nettle tea.
  • Proteins: Eggs, prawns, oysters, seaweed, scallops.
  • Fruits and vegetables: Chili, tomatoes, spinach, watermelon, carrots, papaya, grapefruit, lime, orange.
  • Spices and herbs: Garlic, turmeric, sesame seeds, rosemary.

reparation UV flacon only


Biologique Recherche’s Skin Care Solution:

Thanks to the combined action of the various vectors, Réparation U.V. treatment acts on the many problems linked to sun exposure. It calms and regenerates the skin thanks to its soothing, lipid-replenishing and moisturising active ingredients. Its anti-radical and antiglycation vectors actively fight skin ageing by protecting against free radicals and by acting at epidermal and dermal level. This repairing after-sun treatment is recommended for all Skin Instants®.



The benefits:

  • Repairs and soothes skin after sun exposure.
  • Hydrates the outer layers of the epidermis.
  • Combats free radicals.
  • Fights against the signs of ageing triggered by sun exposure.
  • Prevents desquamation (peeling).


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