New Year, New You

When making resolutions for the New Year, working out or eating healthier may be at the top of your list but being good to your skin should not be forgotten about. We collaborated with Kamilla Schaffner, clinical nutritionist, to provide you with tips for the perfect nutritional and skin care regimen for your skin.

New year, new skin routine

It may take you an additional 2 minutes in the bathroom in the morning and evening, but having a proper daily skin care routine is only way to achieve results. Waiting for a new skin care regimen to show results can require patience. We usually recommend to wait a full epidermal cycle (about 28 days) to show the first effects and two months to see what the products can really achieve on your skin, so stick with the programme. The astounding results should make it easier to stick to this New Year’s resolution…

First of all, it is key to prepare the skin before applying products that are high in active ingredients. The first three steps of the routine, which include cleansing, exfoliating, purifying and stabilising the skin, are extremely important to ensure that skin is ready to receive the highly concentrated formulations of our serums, creams and finishing serums.

BR programme

Preparation Stage

Step 1 – cleansers

Step 2 – exfoliating lotions

Step 3 – masks; only two to three times a week

Treatment Stage

Step 4 – serums (quintessential and targeted serums)

Step 5 – creams (essential, specific and intensive)

Step 6 – finishing serums

Le Grand SerumWe would particularly like to focus on the Finishing Serums during these cold months. They are the highest concentrated formulations of our entire Biologique Recherche face care range and provide incredible results. Their precious formulas, containing a variety of vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid as well as potent moisturising and oxygenating DNA extracts, provide instant and lasting effects. These serums are used for the finishing touches and help to seal the products previously applied during the Treatment Stage, and give the skin a natural glow. A must-have to combat free radicals this winter.

 Feel free to contact us should you require to go through a skin consultation via email or visit one of our UK stockists.

To maintain a healthy and glowing skin, it is highly recommended to have regular facial treatments.
You can now purchase a course of 3 or 6 treatments from Liberty where we occupy the treatment room every Monday. Book yourself in by calling 02075739863.


New year, new diet

  1. Do try to introduce some changes but do not make them big: middle of the winter is not the best time to try and test your body. Combination of cold weather and lack of solar energy will make you will feel weaker than usual. Small changes like drinking 1 cup of herbal tea for each cup of coffee, or eating 2 pieces of fruit instead of the usual packet of crisps will be better than putting yourself through torturous starvation or very tough liquid detox programmes.
  1. Hydrate – it is boring but it is a must. New Year festivities with family and friends leave us positively parched thanks to all that champagne, wine and cocktails. So the next best thing to do is to drink water, fresh vegetable juices and herbal teas as often as you can, your body will thank you for it!
  1. Swap your usual morning coffee for a strong green tea. Many people do not realise how much caffeine there is in green tea, making it a perfect drink to perk you up first thing in the morning. It is full of very potent anti-oxidants and will help your liver to get rid of accumulated alcohol residues.
  1. Have a meatless day each week where your main focus is on eating fresh raw vegetables and fruits. It can be smoothies, stir-fries, soups or salads, but the idea is to dramatically increase fibre content that will help your body with removing previously accumulated toxins out.
  1. Eat yogurt every day: it is one of the humble superfoods that keeps your immune system strong and digestion working optimally. Moreover, it is very versatile: you can have it as a sweet snack or breakfast by adding fruits and berries, or if savoury taste is your thing, then team it up with freshly cut carrots, cucumbers and celery sticks for a perfect healthy late-afternoon snack.
  1. Try to minimise consumption of meat in favour of fish during January. It will have a tremendous effect on your body weight and energy levels. Fish is a very lean protein which will keep you feeling fuller for longer with a fraction of calories. Cod, salmon, mackerel and trout are high in Vitamin D and Omega -3 essential fatty acids, the nutrients we all need to keep winter blues at bay.
  1. You have heard it before but breakfast is important! If you are one of those people who only eats toast for breakfast, then make your piece of bread a carrier of the most delicious and healthy combinations. Avocado and fresh tomato on a nice sourdough bread, or banana with almond butter on a healthy rye are bound to win anyone’s heart on a dark UK morning.
  1. Don’t eat 1 big dish for dinner but instead make yourself 2 smaller but healthy dishes – it’s incredible how the mind sees several healthy and lean dishes as ‘more food’ than 1 big plate of unhealthy food. A win-win strategy for January detox!
  1. January skin is always extra dry: partly due to alcohol excess of New Year festivities and partly due to a combination of cold weather and central heating. To avoid your skin looking like a lizard’s tail include a variety of nuts and seeds – almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, cashews in your daily porridge, salads or yogurt. These foods are high in Vitamin E and Zinc which keep your skin looking supple and firm.
  1. Continue eating typical winter vegetables but in a fun way: roast a big tray of pumpkin, sweet potato, courgettes, peppers, garlic and aubergines. Let cool and then chop them into a big salad adding salad greens like spinach and watercress, and sprinkling with nuts and seeds – amazing healthy food on a winter budget.

Come on, start the year off right!


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