New season, new wardrobe and a new approach to skincare!

As global fashion weeks are underway and we finally get a glimpse of our must – haves for A/W 2015 our minds are turning to brightening days, bare legs and the promise of spring in the air…

Whilst we love the annual shedding of the heavy clothing and look forward to longer nights and bright spring days, our skin is less happy.  Central heating and sub-zero temperatures have left us feeling a little devitalised and sensitised to say the least.

Although we can rejuvenate our wardrobes with a brief browse on Net-a-Porter, it’s not so straightforward for our poor complexions. With Bioloqique Recherche treatments, each product is expertly prescribed at the time of appointment to ensure the perfect match for your current Skin Instant meaning any hangovers from the wintery months including redness, breakouts or dryness can be treated there and then.

A seasonal transition…

Whilst winter is an invitation for warm baths and rich emollient formulas, spring invites us to lighten up with lighter textures and pick vitalising, radiance boosting formulas that leave us fresh and glowing.


For dehydrated, devitalised and mature skin we recommend Lait E.V. – a comforting cleanser, rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids to comfort, soften and revitalise skin, regenerating a winter-worn complexion.


Lotion P50W is the perfect Clark Kent to rescue your skin from winter blues and to re-hydrate weak and sensitive spring skin. In fact you will be wondering why you have not heard of this product sooner.  Arnica calms the skin and AHAS and BHAs rid the skin of unwanted dead skin whilst improving the strength and quality of the epidermis, leaving your skin brighter, hydrated and de-congested.


Our targeted serums are the perfect way to boost your regimen and to address your individual skin concerns.  You can mix them – in fact our therapists are often called mixologists – creating perfect skin by mixing a few drops of these powerful, active elixirs.

Sérum 3R is packed full of anti-oxidants to renew, regenerate and repair. Even the most devitalised skins will get a pick me up and boost of radiance with this targeted serum. A few drops reduce sensitivity and leaves the skin looking youthful and fresh.  This wonder-product will be your bodyguard for as long as your skin needs protection through the seasonal transition.


Emulsion Végétale Grand Millesime is the perfect moisturiser to take you into the warmer weather, its lightweight texture will ensure the skin is packed full of hydration, has a beautiful dewy look and the Vitamin E content helps to brighten, revitalise and protect.

Your correct homecare regime is essential to not only keep up with the benefits of your facial treatment but to ensure healthy skin all year round. Spring is officially here so grab your statement jeans and your Burberry trench from the back of your wardrobe and adjust your skin care!

Serum 3R

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  • Skincare products, roeintus, and questions?I was wondering if it was important to use the same brand products in your skincare routine? (same brand cleanser, toner, moisturizer?) Also, should you use the same or different moisturizers at day/night.I use a facial makeup dissolving cleanser on my face to remove makeup and its okay to use everyday, since I’m using that everyday to remove makeup but it also cleanses, is it important/necessary to use my other regular exfoliating face wash if I don’t break out often?I like to take care of my skin and so I use higher end skincare products. What line carries the best skincare products (Dior, Estee Lauder, brands at Sephora)

    • Hi Anam, thank you for your Biologique Recherche enquiry. It is very important indeed to use our entire range so that we may follow your progress and that we know which ingredients are going into your skin. Depending on your ‘Skin Instant ®’ a qualified therapist will prescribe the correct creams for your day and night usage; they may be the same or they may be different. With regards to your exfoliating face wash, I am afraid we cannot comment as it is not our brand. And lastly, of course we carry the best skincare products.

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