BR Corner – Interview with our New Brand Trainer- Kelly Tribe

As the Biologique Recherche UK clan expands, we thought we would introduce you to the new member of the Biologique Recherche UK family: Kelly Tribe

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Tell us about your journey?

I graduated from The University of the Arts London with my FdSc in Beauty Therapy and Health studies in 2004. Since then my career has been dedicated to learning new skills within the beauty and spa industry. I have worked in many roles within the industry including working for some of the world’s leading spas; Gleneagles and The Ritz Carlton to name a couple. I have spent the last few years lecturing at one of London’s leading beauty colleges, teaching and mentoring many learners which came with fantastic reward. Good training and teaching is the only way our industry will continue to flourish and I am so lucky to have the chance to have an impact on this. I have now joined Biologique Recherche as their National Trainer and I am very excited to see what the next chapter has in store.

What or who are your creative influences? 

I am heavily influenced by the health and holistic industry. I am inspired by natural and raw ingredients in both my own diet and the products I use, I’m definitely known to be a “Raw Green Juicer”.  Dr Allouche prides himself on his products and raw ingredients which is what first drew me to the brand.

What’s the most important aspect of a treatment for you?

What I found so unique about Biologique Recherche, is that the treatments and products are so incredibly personalised. I feel like I’ve finally found a brand that fits my ethos of making your client feel at ease and building a treatment that is actually and truly personal. This is SO important to me as the products I use are of course paramount to the efficiency of the treatment, so I always make sure that I have absolute and total confidence in the products, before I even think about the treatment stage.

What do you love most about the industry?

I love that the beauty industry is so diverse and ever changing. There is something for everybody to enjoy and explore and most of all I l enjoy the people. The passion that comes across when you speak to any hard working, beauty professional is infectious. I feel very fortunate to be able to get up and go to work every day in an industry that I love.

What’s your beauty philosophy?  

Beauty is simplicity. Don’t over think it, have fun and enjoy it!

When you’re not at Biologique Recherche UK HQ, where can we find you?

I love anything health and wellbeing related. When I have time I like to enjoy yoga, meditation, spending time with my nearest and dearest and I absolutely love good food so I am always seeking out fresh produce and cooking up a storm!

Which aspects of a treatment would impress you?

Massage! Massage! Massage! Massage! Its benefits aren’t spoken about enough! All of our BR treatments start with a massage element (even the facials!). This is so important, the client will start to relax from the moment the treatment starts, lymph and circulation is stimulated and the skin is fully ready to receive further treatment. VERY Impressive!

And finally, what’s your hero product?

Amie introduced me to Crème Masque Vernix just after I started. It is a beautiful moisturiser that can also be used as a mask. It’s extremely comforting and calming, and acts more like a barrier, comforting me from all the city pollution out there. I have found this cream to REALLY support my sensitive skin, and I have to say I have found it to be my ultimate go-to product in times of high sensitivity.  Just to explain it a little, Vernix is the protective layer found on the babies’ skin at birth, it mimics the original composition of vernix thanks to a selection of active ingredients rich in lipids, proteins and antioxidant peptides. Your skin is left feeling repaired and strengthened and protected … my hero so far!

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Last thoughts?

I’m excited really! Excited about so many things … Excited to spend two whole weeks in Paris at the Biologique Recherche HQ, excited to perfect my skills with some of the best hands in the world, excited to spread my knowledge and expertise, I’m excited to grow myself and to grow all future BR therapists. This will certainly be a journey I’m looking forward to! 

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