BR Around The World – New York Part Deux

Autumn is now in full swing and for many the season isn’t just about the return of Pumpkin spiced lattes and Halloween candy, it’s also one of the greatest seasons to shop. With the holidays on the horizon, what better time to visit the shopping centre that is NYC? You could choose to start your Christmas shopping early or indulge in a little personal pampering.

In our last city guide we started sharing our top tips on where to stay and what to do during a trip to the Big Apple this season. In today’s post as promised, we’ll be giving you our rundown on what to see, where to shop and what to pack when you hit the ‘city with everything’.  Is your suitcase at the ready?

Fifth Avenue favourites

shoppingYou may recall that in our last post we tipped the Peninsula Hotel as a great spot to stay, we must confess our recommendation was more than a little influenced by the venue’s exclusive location on the shopping haven of Fifth Avenue.  With the likes of Saks, Prada and Jimmy Choo on your doorstep it would be rude not to indulge in a little retail therapy. If designer boutiques call your name, Valentino and Ralph Lauren are the new shops on the Fifth Avenue block; so don’t forget to pay them a visit.

Fifth Avenue isn’t just about shopping though; there are shopping related sights to be enjoyed too! The Tiffany & Co store is a must-visit for any fan of Paramount’s 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, not to mention those in the market to buy something special and sparkly.

Romantically rowing

It’s no coincidence that thousands of people choose New York as the setting for romantic marriage proposals to their would-be spouses every year. Central Park is certainly a hotspot for such encounters and while roaming the park and crunching orange and rust-coloured leaves underfoot is romantic enough in itself, there are other activities to enjoy. For just a handful of dollars you can hire a paddleboat and take yourself across the lake in Central Park. If you want to make the most of it you might want to take a well-stocked picnic hamper with you. Marriage proposals are of course optional. Visit the Central Park Boathouse site for further information.

Soaking up the skyline

Stepping out on the sidewalk might let you see some of New York’s famous architecture close up, but the buildings of New York are really best appreciated from above. If you can spare some dollars from your shopping budget there’s the option to take a helicopter ride and fully appreciate the spectacle.

For more static solutions, try soaking up the skyline from someone of the city’s fantastic viewing points. If you’re staying on Fifth Avenue the Empire State Building is perhaps your obvious observation and photography spot, though the top of the Metropolitan Museum also offers spectacular views. We should probably also mention that the Met has its own martini bar, which we think makes the perfect partner for the activity providing you’re not too shaken by heights. Elsewhere in the city the Statue of Liberty and the Top of the Rockefeller Centre offer up some fabulous views of the skyline, day or night.

What to pack

To keep up with the fast-paced life of the big apple, your skin will need a bodyguard of protection to avoid any beauty miss-haps! The down side of the city for skin is the high pollution level; this has been found to be responsible for a lot of issues from hyperpigmentation and age spots to blackheads, breakouts, and fine lines.

Lotion P50VLait VIP O2 is a must have for preventing oil, dirt and grime building up on the skin. This gentle cleanser is packed with anti-pollution properties as well as essential vitamins A, E and F.

Lotion P50V provides a gentle, exfoliating formula with the use of alpha, beta and poly hydroxy-acids to ensure your skin is balanced, refined and hydrated. The added ingredients of Natural Sponge and Walnut Extract will work to plump and tone for a revitalised youthful complexion

Creme biofixine

Crème Biofixine is a powerful antioxidant crème with high-grade ingredients to block free radical damage and create an anti-wrinkle free zone! Essential when it comes to living in a city that does not give your skin a moments rest.

Fluide VIPO2 is the final product to your Biologique Recherche experience for continued hydration and protection from New York City pollution. Have your Carrie Bradshaw moment with healthy balanced skin whilst glowing through the steam of Manhattan!


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