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The largest of the Greek islands, Crete is blessed with fabulous fine sand beaches, wonderful white mountains and is the mythical birthplace to ruler of the Greek Gods, Zeus. It’s a truly majestic spot, so why not enjoy it in a royal fashion?

Where to stay

Gouves is just 25 minutes from the island’s capital Heraklion and conveniently splits into two parts, the main village nestled into Mount Ederi, Pano Gouves, and the seaside area of Pano Gouves, where the exclusive Hotel Amirandes is situated. Immaculate landscaped grounds combined with water and light installations make the hotel a plush and calming place to unwind. The design of the buildings takes inspiration from the palaces of Minoan kings.

You’ll want to book a suite, which comes with its own private pool or ask for a sea view. There’s no shortage of places to paddle should the mood take you, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool. There’s a state of the art gym, tennis and of course, a spa but with al fresco yoga and an open-air massage ten on the hotel’s private beach, it might be hard to pull away from the beautiful shoreline.


Where to eat

The privacy of the Amirandes means it is about 1.5km from the other side of Gouves, so you’ll need to take a taxi if you want to head out to dine. However, if you’re a fan of fine dining you won’t need to venture far – there are four a la carte restaurants at the hotel including the Lago di Candia, which serves Mediterranean cuisine in a breathtaking setting. Floor to ceiling windows allow diners to look across an illuminated lagoon and out onto the sea. The menu is international, though the very best things to eat always seem to be the sun-soaked Mediterranean fruit and vegetables. Coffee connoisseurs will find themselves in their element thanks to the in-house baristas who use the finest beans and modern brewing methods to create unique after dinner beverages.


Great read

It’s always easier to read a tearjerker in the sunshine and The Island, the Newcomer of the Year British Book Awards winner of 2007, certainly pulls on the heart strings in places. The historical novel by Victoria Hislop focuses on the island of Spinalonga, which is off the coast of Crete. It’s a story of Sofia, a Londoner in her mid-twenties discovering her Cretan past and learning about the tragic story of her grandmother in the process. Though the book is a fantasy it draws on elements of Spinalonga’s history as Greece’s leper colony.


Romantic rendez-vous

Pack up a picnic and hire a car to drive along the beautiful Cretan coastline to Lake Kournas – the only freshwater lake in Crete. Stroll hand in hand around the lake’s 3.5km perimeter, feed the ducks and watch the clear water sparkle and change colour as the sun moves in the sky. If you prefer, dine as the locals do and sample some traditional Cretan food at one of the tavernas on the lake.

 Lake Kournas Crete

Outdoors experience

Whether you manage to finish reading ‘The Island’ or not, a trip to historic Spinalonga will add another dimension to your holiday. You’ll need to drive to Planka or Elounda and take a boat ride to the island, though you’ll also find a number of organised trips available. It takes a few hours to get around this small island, which is better explored with a guide who will explain the many strands of its history, including the emotional tale of the Leper Colony.


Where to shop

For bustle and boutiques you’ll need to visit the capital, Heraklion. Crete is credited with being the birthplace of modern civilisation thanks to the Minoans – the bronze age civilisation that once lived on the island. The Minoans’ fashions and parties are among the elements cited for this belief, so while Crete isn’t particularly famed for shopping now it certainly boasts a strong history. You can pick up items from Greek fashion designers in Liberty square or head to the market to sample Cretan delicacies.


What to pack

Whilst enjoying all Crete has to offer, our main objective is to keep the skin fresh and youthful despite the scorching sun. Plus, just as Crete offers many Mediterranean culinary delights, Biologique Recherche is able to ensure your skin also has a well-balanced diet. Here are a few of our recommended essentials for your travels;

Lait VIP O2 – with its vitamins A, E and F to protect, repair and regenerate, this hardworking cleanser is vital for keeping skin cells replenished and healthy.

Biomagic Mask – the perfect mask to purify and unify the complexion after a day in the heat, your skin will benefit from a subtle mix of active ingredients to leave it energised and glowing.

Silk Plus – antioxidant Vitamin B3 will improve protection of the epidermis as well as focusing on premature ageing.

Silk Plus


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