‘Anti-ageing’ – The truth

The term ‘anti-ageing’ is extremely popular at the moment; we are well versed in hearing and seeing this phrase, especially in skincare.

The problem with ‘anti-ageing’ is that it brings forward two incorrect ideals; first that ageing is wrong and should be stopped, second that it can actually, physically be reversed!

When it comes to your skin, as with the rest of your body, your focus should be on replenishing it with everything it needs, to be the best it can possible be. The aim is not to ‘turn back the clock’, but to look after the skin – the signs of ageing will automatically be reduced when skin is at optimum health.

Amie, our Head of UK Training explains how skin rejuvenation helps reduce the telltale signs of ageing whilst keep skin health as the priority;

“Focusing on protecting and repairing in both product usage and treatments alike, we are able to build a much stronger epidermis. This is the epitome of good skin care. When researching your skincare, look for what will feed your skin, what it needs most, not for the words anti ageing on the label!”

As a French brand devised in the heart of Paris, Biologique Recherche continues to take inspiration from Parisian women. In France, the maturity of a woman is celebrated; their sensuality in the eyes of their beholders increases with their age. In 2010 The New York Times wrote an article entitled ‘Aging gracefully, the French way‘, to quote ‘If there is a secret to aging well, Frenchwomen must know it.’ The truth is the French way is all about upkeep. An active lifestyle, fresh and delectable food, good quality skincare, elegant clothes, a strong pair of heels … all combined, to keep skin healthy and glowing.

We love this saying from French author Katherine Pancol, “J’aime les femmes âgées, elles ont plus de charme que les jeunes génisses. On n’apprend rien sur des peaux lisses, le doigt glisse alors que les rides renferment mille merveilles. Ce sont des îles au trésor.” This beautiful quote translates into “I adore mature women, they hold more charm than the young. We do not learn anything from smooth skin, our fingers slide when we touch it, whereas wrinkles enclose a thousand wonders. They are islands of treasures.”

Your quest should not be for skin that portrays youth, but for a glowing complexion that radiates confidence and elegance!

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