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dehydrationdrynesssensitivityblotchy complexionexcess of sebumvisible poresactive acnecongestiondullnesspigmentationfine lineswrinkles

dehydrationdrynesssensitivitydullnesspigmentationdark circlespuffinesscrow’s feetunder-eye wrinkles

dehydrationdrynesssensitivityvisible capillariesblotchy complexiondullnesspigmentationexcess of sebumvisible poresactive acnecongestionloss of plumpness

dehydrationdrynesssensitivityvisible capillariesblotchy complexionactive acnecongestiondullnesspigmentationlaugh linesmarionette lineslip lineslack of plumpness

lack of firmnessundefined jawline

dehydrationdrynesssensitivitycongestiondullnesspigmentationneck lineslack of firmness

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Your skin is constantly evolving due to internal factors such as stress, hormonal changes and age; in addition to external factors such as harsh climates, tobacco and pollution. That’s why it is crucial to establish a precise diagnosis of your skin to determine the best skincare programme for YOUR Skin Instant® at that moment of time.

We are always glad to offer a free consultation. Please complete the Consultation Form on the left and one of our Skin Experts will respond as soon as possible. Prescriptions are always most effective when we can see the skin, so we would be grateful if you could upload a picture of your face with little or no makeup on.

Note that we are available from 9am – 6pm, Monday to Friday, and can have the products sent to your preferred UK address within two working days.


Not in the UK? Please visit Biologique Recherche Worldwide website to find the correct Distribution Centre. Sorry, we are only able to serve customers whose delivery address is in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.



The assessment stage

If you cannot visit one of our Biologique Recherche stockists, we can assess your Skin Instant® over the phone or via email. Here is how we proceed.

We start with the forehead and go down, one area at a time, until reaching the neckline to adapt the products to each skin specific concern relating to the different facial areas:

Biologique Recherche face mapping

Following our consultation, we will prescribe a skincare regime specific to your Skin Instant®; this may include a selection or all the below:

  1. Cleanser
  2. Exfoliating lotion
  3. Masks
  4. Quintessential sérums and targeted sérums
  5. Creams (essential, specific and/or intensive)
  6. Finishing sérum




  • What wonderful service. Thank you for all your kind advice.

  • Thank you so much for sending my order so swiftly and I really appreciate the samples.
    I think the service is wonderful and I will enjoy using the products.

  • I just phoned the customer services number in the UK and the lady was very helpful and sent it out straight away with lots of samples.

  • I’ve been using the new P50 PIGM 400 for just over a month and I have nothing but good things to say.

  • I have been using French skincare brand Biologique Recherche for around 4 weeks and have been extremely impressed with the products.

  • Wonderful products and amazing treatment. My skin has never looked so plumped and lifted.

  • Think that might have been the best facial I ever had.

  • Regarding my skin, the P50 has totally eliminated my hormonal acne. I haven’t had skin like this since my pre-teen years – it’s really quite extraordinary. The Creme Placenta has also been amazing as it’s helped with clearing old acne scars.

  • My skin is visibly brighter, softer and more even toned, my pores look smaller, my blackheads are significantly minimised. My skin was revived in just a matter of a few weeks!  (more…)