The importance of a skin consultation

Let us analyse your Skin Instant®

Our skin is constantly evolving. Whether due to hormonal, weather or diet changes – to only name a few factors – your skin will look and feel differently. This is the reason why we speak about Skin Instant® rather than skin type here at Biologique Recherche; which is the condition of the skin at any given time. You should regularly go through a skin consultation…

To find out more about the concept of Skin Instant®, please visit our dedicated page.

To maintain a healthy, clear and radiant skin, we believe it is extremely important to assess the skin on a regular basis to tailor your skincare routine according to YOU specifically. As we all know “one size does not fit all”, and we pride ourselves in our tailored approach.

A skin care product, even if it is of quality, can lead to further skin imbalances or reactions if it isn’t provided to the correct person. For instance, if your skin became oilier during the summer period and you kept using your rich moisturiser which was prescribed to you last winter, when your skin needed more lipids, then you may well have suffered breakouts.

Our methodology

Our main aim is to uncover the root cause of your skin concerns; this may be biological, or it could even as simple as something you are doing or using. The initial questions asked are the following:

  • Do you suffer from any sensitivity at all? If so, how does it appear and where?
  • What would you say are your main concerns?
  • Would you be able to describe your skincare routine to me?
  • Would you be able to tell me which facial treatments you have recently experienced (if any)?

We use highly concentrated active ingredients in our formulations to provide effective yet gentle solutions for your skin. Thus, our products cannot be self-prescribed or they may cause undesired effects to the skin, and we desire for all of our customers to have the absolute best results.

For these reasons, we always wish to provide complimentary and comprehensive advice to all of our Biologique Recherche customers, and to go through a skin consultation. We want to look after you, which is why follow-up analyses are also very much welcomed! As your skin changes and improves, your skin care routine will also change.

For an easy and fun consultation, you can either visit one of our partner establishments or contact us directly via email at or by calling us on 020 3358 0020. This skin consultation will allow us or our trained therapists to ascertain your Skin Instant® in order to recommend the most appropriated tailored beauty products and treatments.

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